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Welcome to Pretty Pink

This is my second design to day for OSWD. As always it is Valid XHTML and CSS and should display correctly in IE and Firefox. There is a slight issue with the image background used for this main area in IE. If the content isn't enough to fill the page then the image stops at the bottom of the content. But hey if you ahve plenty of content then it shouldn't be a problem ;)

Sample Image

The text will automatically wrap around the image. The default float for images is left but you can change this in the CSS file pretty easily. The navigation menu on the right was made using CSS Menu Generator A pretty handy little script :) But I did have to make a few alterations of my own.

This is the first time I've made a Pink layout and would appriciate any comments on it. You can send me comments / feedback to

The design on the right is made using the Vector Brush set for photoshop from grandmst20 as shown on Deviantart. Please the credit to him in the footer along with the design by link. It's only polite after all.

I would love to see what you do with this template - so if you do use it give me a quick email at and let me know where you are using it. If you're not a big fan of Pink this template could very easily be change into blue / red / green / basically any color you want! Just a couple of graphics to edit (the background & the image on the right) and of course the CSS file.

Oh the title at the top uses the h1 tag - why? well search engine spiders put more importance on text within h1 tags than normal paragraph text. So Place your page title or _very_ brief description within those tags.

Right well thats about it from me - so take the template, modify it, use it and most of all enjoy it. But please as I mentioned above leave the design by link and the link to grandmst20's brushes in place. Thanks